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ROCKFORD The Rare Chance Release...2010
ROCKFORD The Rare Chance Release...2010
SOUL GROWERS Resurgence2016
ROCKFORD The Rare Chance Release...2010
THOMPSON ESTATE Andrea Reserve2008
WILLS DOMAIN Cuvee d'Elevage2012
DUKE'S Magpie Hill Reserve2018
DUKE'S Magpie Hill Reserve2018
PENFOLDS St Henri1993
SEPPELT Private Bin EC4051966
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HENSCHKE Hill of Grace

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 WA 150th Aniversary Commemorative Ports Seppelts x2 Hardys Vignacourt Vintage 1978 Penfolds x2
 WA AFL Ports Sandover 1982 Pemiers 1985 Pemiers 1984 Pemiers 1983
 WA Ag Dept Experimental wine 1972 Vintage Cabernet from Mt Barker
 WA Cabernet Collection West Cape Howe Gt Sn 2003 Sandalford Mt Barker MR 1996 Forest Hil Mt Barker 1995 Woody Nook Gallagahers Choice MR 1996 Rosily Margaret River 2002 Lenton brae Cabernet Merlot MR 2001
 WA Cabernet Sauvignon Baldivis Estate Reserve 1994 Capel Vale Geograph 1995 Redgate Bin 588 Margaret River 1999 Killerby Geograph 1991 Evans & Tate Margaret River 1991
 WA Chardonnay Plantagenet 1998 Fly Brook 2002 Goundrey Reserve 1998 Alkoomi 1998 Old Kent River 1997
 WA Chardonnay Wignalls 2003 Madfish Bay 2002 Wise Donnybrook 2001 Black Rock MR 2003 Forester MR 2002 Zaraphath 2002
 WA Chardonnays Picardy 1999 Evans & Tate Redbrook 1997 Brookland Valley 1997 Voyager 1997
 WA Classic Reds Houghton Crofters Cabernet Merlot 2000 Vasse Felix Classic Dry Red 2000 Green Valley MR Cabernet Sauvignon 1999 Station Gully MR Cabernet Merlot 2003
 WA Classic Shiraz Willow Bridge Estate Black Dog 2003 Howard Park Scotsdale 2004 Jarrah Ridge Reserve 2005 Alkoomi 2006
 WA Classics Cullen Autum Harvest Late MR Riesling 1999 Baldivis Estate Cab Merlot 2002 Evans & Tate Gnangara Shiraz 1997 Happs Margaret River Merlot 1990
 WA Classics Cullen Sauv Blanc 1994 Brookland Valley Chardonnay 1994 Evans & Tate Gnangara Shiraz Cab 1990 Redgate Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 Amberley Cabernet Merlot 1997 Westfield Cabernet Saubignon Spec Reserve 1994
 WA Classics past there best Plantagenet Malbec 1979 Sandalford Cabernet Sauvignon Cape Mentelle Zinfandel 1981 Cape Mentelle Cab Sav 1981
 WA Collection Barwick Estate Blackwood Collectables Shiraz 2005 Barwick Estate Blackwood Collectables Cabernet 2005 Windance Margaret River Shiraz 2005 Killerby Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Millbrook Jarrahdale Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec 2005 Yilgarnia Denmark
 WA Collection Happs MR Merlot 1996 Fermoy MR Cabernet sauvignon 1994 Riverbank Estate Swan Cabernet 1992
 WA Cool Chardonnay Woodside Le Bas MR 2007 Thompson Estate MR 2006 Frengrove Frankland 2008 Galafrey Reserve Mt Barker 2004 Barwick Estate Pemberton 2007
 WA Gems Cape Mentelle Trindres Cab Merlot 1996 Marybrook Grenache MR 1998 Marybrook Cabernets MR 1993 Alkoomi Mount Frankland Classic Red 1998 Boo Arra Shiraz 2003
 WA Great Southern Cabernet Sauvignon Forrest Hill 1994 Goundrey Reserve 1996 Plantagenet 1995
 WA Great Southern Cabernet Sauvignon Goundrey Reserve 1995 Fly Brook 2001 Yanwirra 1993 Forrest Hill 1998
 WA Great Southern Riesling Collection Alkoomi 1996 Alkoomi 1998 Gilberts 1998 Gilberts 2000 Chatsfield 1997
 WA Magnum Mix Vasse Felix Growers Estate 2002 Merlot Cape Mentelle CM Bend 31 Dry Red NV
 WA Milestones Tired & Tatty Sveta Maria White Burgundy NV Hartridge Cabernet 1979 Stirling Estate Shiraz 1992 Goundry Reserve Chardonnay 1995
 WA Mix Darlington Estate 1989 Dunsborough Hills 1990 Little River Noble Classic 1996
 WA Mixed Reds Houghton Stripe Range 1999 Shiraz Merlot Flying Fish Cove 2001 Shiraz Cabernet (Corporate bottling)
 Wa Premium Cabernet Collection Rosabrook Reserve 2001 Sandalford 1840 Collection 1994 Arlewood Reserve 1998 Clairault Cab Merlot 2000
 WA Red Classics Goundrey Museum Selection Cabernet 1998 Goundrey Cabernet merlot 2001 Alkoomi Jarrah Shiraz 2000 Wilodwood Simply Red 1998
 WA Reds Lamonts Cab Shiraz 2002 Sandalford Cabernert Sauvignon 1998 Driftwood Shiraz 2000
 WA Riesling Collection Ferngrove Cossack 2002 Ferngrove Cossack 2000 Galafrey 1997 Zarephath 2000 King Treet 1997
 WA Rieslings Clairault Margaret River 2006 Goundry Mount Barker 2005 Wine & Truffle Co 2004
 WA Semillion Sauvignon Blanc Collection Aquilla 1999 Brookland Valley Varse 1 2001 Ferngrove 2001 Cullen 2000
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